Our Vision


We LOVE making movies. Feature Films, Short Films, writing, proofing and analyzing script. Telling the story visually .... that is what we love! Pre-Production planning & scheduling, Script Analysis, Principal Photography, Post Production Editing, Media Production... we do it all!                      

The President

Our Strength

Michael Buie Films

Concerts, Plays, Commercials, PSA's

Multi-camera shoots, on-site videography, planning assistance ... we plan with you and follow through to completion.                      

Filmmaker, Businessman, Software  and Database Developer, Film Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Cameraman, Musician, Professional Vocalist, Martial Arts, US Navy Submariner, Electronics Technician, Navy Instructor, Mechanic, Drag Car Racer, husband and father of boys and girls ... so many hats Michael Buie has worn in his life make him unique to telling your story with creativity, insight, wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Award-winning Film Producer Michael Buie has what to takes to execute your project, to help you overcome gaps in your own knowledge about how to get it done. To assemble the right team.

What are you waiting on?! Book Michael Buie Films LTD today!

To bring words to life, to breathe heart, spirit and soul into your scripts with fantastic and up-to-date Cinematography!


We love to impart knowledge and provide a vehicle for YOUR success. That is why we are starting a new series called: 

“Monologue and Scene Reel Shoot”