Michael Buie Films

A full service video, audio, field and post-production company specializing in video and audio for film, music videos, weddings, live concerts, theatre, business commercials ... you name it!

Wedding Events

Budget, medium and premium packages
Two and three camera shoots for wedding and single or two camera shoots for receptions to capture all your memories!
Photography and photo packages available
A to Z production follows you from the collection of video footage through editing to DVD masters complete with full color graphics packages
Flexible pricing options to fit your budget. Quality throughout.

Film, TV, Movies, Music Videos, Documentaries

Single-camera, Cinematic-style shooting with in High Definition at 1080p ensures your film is highest quality and every scene counts!
Options for two-camera and three-camera shoots optimize time while capturing angles for conversation, situations and action sequences
Trained, experienced Directors, videographers and writers make your project stand-out with exceptional quality
Directors/Videographers/Writer's experienced with acting and directing and writing ensures your plot twists are recognized, your message is conveyed
Trained and Certified TV Producers and Stage Managers know how to present your series, sitcom, talk show or awards show for maximum delivery of message
Your media presented on a variety of formats for DVD, tape or web

Music Videos

Same capabilities as Film, TV, Movies, Music Videos  services apply
Expert audio engineering ensures visual vocals are synchronized to music tracks. Get guidance from film directors and singers who are professionals in the industry

Live Concerts, Theatre, spoken events and Sound Production

Same capabilities as Film, TV, Movies, Music Videos  services apply
Up to 24-Track simultaneous recording capability for any event
Can use your Sound Reinforcement company for audio, or provide in-house audio services ... up to 8000 Watts of sound where required.

Post Production Video and Audio Editing, limited run duplication and printing

Import video projects from tape, disk, other media and take from edit to finished product on DVD or to the web ... including animation and scoring
Master CD from in-studio and/or live audio recording
Photography, graphics layout, on DVD or CD full color or grayscale printing, CD and DVD packaging and duplicationType your paragraph here.

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